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Commission TOS

►Pricing and Payment◄

• Pricing is in USD

• I send invoices through Paypal or can do transactions through Cashapp.

• Payment must be made up front before I begin working on your commission UNLESS an exception is made or payment plan is agreed upon.

• You are permitted to cancel your commission for a full refund if I have not sent you a preliminary sketch. If you have already received and approved the preliminary sketch and I have moved onto the linearting stage and you wish to cancel, you are permitted a half refund. If I have completed linearting, started coloring/shading the piece you are not permitted a refund after that point.


• In regards to NSFW commissions, please take a look at my f-list to see what I will and will not do.

I DO NOT DO NSFW COMMISSIONS FOR MINORS. It is illegal to exchange ANY Sexually Explicit content with a minor. That being said, you must provide Photo ID to prove that you are over 18 before I will take your NSFW commission.

• I can draw human, anthro, and feral characters.

• If you are unsure as to whether I will draw a certain subject for you, please ask! I'm not gonna bite ^v^

• I reserve the right to decline to do a commission for any reason I deem necessary.

• I will not draw someone else's character in any NSFW or fetish-related manner unless I have explicit permission from that character's owner. If you wish to include my characters in any NSFW or fetish-related art, please just ask. I do reserve the right to decline if I do not feel comfortable.

• In regards to customs, PLEASE be a descriptive as you can about what you want. Pallets, moodboards, references, etc.. are always appreciated.


• I retain all rights to the artwork, as the artist. The commissioner retains the rights to their own characters. Commissioned work from me will never be sold as a print, or printed on t-shirts, or any other commercial uses unless an agreement has been reached with me.

• Please do not use my work for commercial uses, or profit without my knowledge or an agreement being reached. Doing so will get you blacklisted.

• If you do not wish to have your commission posted publicly please let me know beforehand, otherwise I will post it to the various art sites I am a part of.


• You are permitted to request edits during livestreams and after you have been sent the preliminary sketch. Please keep these requests for edits within reason. If excessive edits are requested (AFTER THE SKETCH WAS APPROVED to be lined) I will charge a $5 fee per edit that will be required to be paid before completion of the project.

• Once the lineart has been finished and approved, and coloring has started I will not be making any major edits (Pose changes, setting changes, character changes)

• Minor changes, such as small details in the design I may have forgotten, or something like that, are permitted, but it's advised that you let me know before I finish the commission.

• I send frequent WIPs and updates. I apologize if this gets annoying, but rest assured I want your commissions to turn out how you were expecting them!

Commission Pricing

Prices may vary due to complexity or addition of sceneries!

+Half price per additional character.

Not Colored:
Fullbody: $25+
Halfbody: $15
Head: $10

Fullbody: $30+
Halfbody: $25
Head: $15

Sketch Page:
Uncolored: $60+
With Color: $80+

Lined Flats:
+Half price per additional character.

Humanoids and Furs/Ferals
Fullbody: $40+
Halfbody: $30
Head: $25

Lined Shaded:
+Half price per additional character.

Humanoid and Furs/Ferals
Fullbody: $50+
Halfbody: $40
Head: $30


+Half price per additional character.

Fullbody Flat: $15
Fullbody Shade: $25+

Reference Sheets:

Baseline: $60

(Humanoids/Furs)- Fullbody Front View + Extra Facial Expression + Pallet + Info
(Ferals)- Fullbody Side View + Extra Facial Expression+ Pallet + Info

+$15 Per extra facial expression (Headshot)
+$5 Per Reference of isolated bodypart (Tail, Reproductive organs (18+ only), eyes, etc..)
+$15 Per additional Halfbody
+$10 Per Added Tiny Toon Image
+$25 Per Additional Fullbody Image/ Back View



Single Fullbody Custom: $45+
Full Ref Custom: $60+

Please provide as much information about the desired character as you can. Art-Lib Customs are also an option.

Species, Moodboard, Theme, Color Pallet, Gender, Bodytype, Body-Mods, Desired markings, etc...

I will be in constant contact with you to ensure that things are going in a direction you like! I reserve the right to Decline any custom I don't feel comfortable taking on.

Commission Examples


Lined Flatcolor Images

Lined Shaded Images


Reference Sheets

(Some of these are personal characters I've made)

Contacts and Social Media

The best places to get ahold of me are on Facebook, Deviantart, and Email! I do check most of my social medias daily.
If you would like to see more examples of my work, please consider taking a look at my Deviantart page! Thank you!

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